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DeFi Exchange

SecciVault’s DeFi platform will be aim to set a new standard for trading platforms, with no limits! SecciVault DEX aims to help traders of all levels ease into the platform, with no confusion and minimum fees.


Our goal at SecciVault is to enhance crypto transactions and negate royalty/commission rates on NFT's. We're introducing the first ever Exchange for users to trade NFTs or digital-currencies with introduced scam precautions.

Secci Wallet

Secci Wallet will be introduced in mid/late Q2 of the Blueprints. This will be used as the protocol's native wallet across our platforms.


Our launchpad supports all major blockchain networks allowing new projects to gain the sufficient support and raised capital they deserve.

NFT Marketplace

SecciSwaps NFT marketplace is soon to release, revolutionising the market in a heart beat. We've bypassed all royalty systems on NFT secondary sales to assist traders with earning higher capital growth. Utilise our native token across the NFT marketplace to earn even lower fees!

Liquidity Pairing / Swap

You can't Yield Farm without Liquidity Pairing or Swapping, so we've made it more accessible to you by building our own. This will be available on all major networks including MATIC, AVAX, ETH, BNB and more to enable users to farm across multiple protocols including our own!

Yield Farming

Yield farming on SecciSwap comes with major benefits to the trader! This allows traders to provide liquidity into different LPs (Liquidity Pools) and LBPs (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools) and earn daily rewards and yields. Auto-compounding and partnered protocol pools can be utilised and mined across the platform.

Get ready for our presale!

Gain access and insight into the $SECCI Presale by reading the information below and visiting our docs.

Presale TERMS

  • Presale
    Presale starts on 18th Sept 2022 (10:00AM AEST)
  • Distribution
    Distribution starts on 30th Sept 2022 (10:00AM AEST)
  • Bonus Airdrop
    Airdrop bonus distribution starts on 2nd Oct 2022 (1:00PM AEST)

Presale Progress - 0%

Soft Cap
Hard Cap


  • Tokens Sales
    50,000 $SECCI
  • Token Exchange
    1 USDC = 1.02 $SECCI
  • Minimum Transaction
    Minimum transaction is $25 USDC


  • Presale Deposit Fee
    Fees for our Presale = 0%
  • Post-Presale
    10% fee for the first month on all sales made with $SECCI to enhance stablility.
  • Expansion
    10% Fee will be reduced to 2% following the first month.


  • Entry
    Every 50 USDC put in, you will earn 1 Airdrop Ticket to earn an NFT from our Airdrop
  • NFT Rewards
    Per 50 USDC in ICO = 1 Airdrop Ticket
  • Weighing
    1 Ticket = 1 random Vault Key

Vault Keys

SecciVault is currently in the presale of the Vault Key NFT Collection, Vault Keys will be used for utilitiy including staking, whitelists and more.

Vault Keys

7,777 Vault Keys on the Polygon Network can be utilized on the SecciVault protocol for Passive income + Play to Earn access & more! Each Vault Key contains a different rarity. These can be utilized in our Utility Map and Treasury Vaults that can be viewed on our Docs.


Staking NFTs allows holders to earn a passive-income from their collection while maintaining ownership of the asset. Staking your NFT reaps daily rewards, similar to staking your currencies. When staking your asset you are eligible to claim rewards every 24h paid in $VAULT.

Secci Vaults

Treasury Vaults or Secci Vaults will be released soon after NFT Staking, as shown in the docs Utility Map. We will provide further updates on how to claim your Vaults and rewards, approaching the release of the Treasury Vaults. Stay updated for the release in Discord.


Our Team

The SecciVault team strives to create a better environment for asset storage and crypto transactions.


COO / Developer


Founder / CEO




SecciVaults active or upcoming partnerships/collaborations

Grape Finance
Carpet DeFi


SecciVault launch date was, 6th June 2022

SecciVault was established to provide a secure and fair trading platform focusing on minimal fees and further utility for users/investors.

The SecciVault team are fully doxxed and awaiting KYC results.

SecciVault centers on minimal trading fees, maximum profits for the users. Once achieving KYC verification before the release of our protocols, we will be ecstatic to announce a scam-free environment, and a new standard for all DeFi protocols.

We strive to improve the conditions of cryptocurrency trading through safe transactions, minimal fees and finance utility, hoping to build a model DeFi / GameFi platform that can set a standard in the community.

SecciVault will be launching genesis pools for the beginning of the liquidity pools, lasting for only 8 days. The genesis pools will be short-lived, however the return rate will be substantial, so remember to stay updated.

Our NFT marketplace will provide specific addresses such as Token ID, Contract Address, Collection Name and NFT Name.

Yes, SecciVault is actively contacting DeFi platforms, GameFi projects, TombForks, crypto events and more. We would love to grow our community and share what we have created.

SecciSwap will be SecciVaults new NFT Marketplace, featuring 0% royalties, minimal fees and informative listing profiles.

SecciVaults DeFi platform will be available soon after the $VAULT ICO is completed.

Want to contact our team? Inquire with our admins on discord.


Admin Manager


Admin Manager


Admin Manager